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Parish magazine “The salt of the earth”

The Salt of the earth was born in December 2006 with the arrival at the helm of our parish, the parent Totelecan Radu, and its initiative.

The magazine is published and sent free to all those who want to receive it.

The purpose of this newsletter parish is doublefold. On the one hand, it aims at a spiritual role but also aims at sending practical information about life on the French Riviera to the Romanina Community.

Of course, everyone is free to participate wiht suggestions and ideas in drafting the wording of the parish bulletin, through articles, tips … in order to improve its content.

Please find below all the numbers parish magazine Salt of the Earth arranged chronologically.

Enjoy your reading!

Numarul Data Adresa
1 Decembrie 2006 PDF
2 Ianuarie 2007 PDF
3 Februarie 2007 PDF
4 Martie 2007 PDF
5 Aprilie 2007 PDF
6 Mai 2007 PDF
7 August 2007 PDF
8 Septembrie 2007 PDF
9 Octombrie 2007 PDF
10 Noiembrie 2007 PDF
11 Decembrie 2007 PDF
12 Ianuarie 2008 PDF
12 Ianuarie 2008 PDF
13 Februarie 2008 PDF
14 Martie 2008 PDF
15 Aprilie 2008 PDF
16 Iunie 2008 PDF
17 Noiembrie 2008 PDF
18 Decembrie 2008 PDF
19 Ianuarie 2009 PDF
20 Martie 2009 PDF
21 Aprilie 2009 PDF
22 Noiembrie 2009 PDF
23 Februarie 2010 PDF
24 Martie 2010 PDF
25 Aprilie 2010 PDF
26 Noiembrie 2010 PDF
27 Ianuarie 2011 PDF

Why is the parish magazine of our community called “Salt of the Earth”?

answer is found in Scripture and more specifically in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 13: “You are the salt of the earth, if the salt is broken, with what will seasoned? It’s nothing better than to be thrown out and trampled ‘standing people “, and the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9, Verses 49-50:” For every (man) will be salted with fire, as every sacrifice shall be salted with salt. Salt is good, but if the salt loses its power, what you will mend? Have salt in yourselves and live in peace with each other. “

We notice

-allegorical, spiritual wealth and charge that carries the phrase “salt of the earth ‘and we all love with those who were baptized in the name of the Trinity we are called to pastoral work to work together and live our life in Christ. “Salt”, if we try to decode a symbolic perspective is nothing but the Holy Spirit that we received each of us through Holy Baptism. What breaks if we do not work and sanctifying power remains somewhat hidden if not in the communion of the Church through baptism and communion in the sacraments of repentance.

And the last one year … ! The time is ripe for the prophets proclaimed, israelitenii escaped from slavery, passed the Red Sea and went to the promised land, to Canaan … And we are Romanians, we had our slavery but faith and love nădeidea not get lost. The soul of our people live the dream and we also have our scholars and prophets who lead us toward “the full Canaan milk and honey”.

Today, however, after I got rid of slavery if we are not those of yesterday. We’ve changed, and we broke … Our prophets and the voice is not listened to yesterday’s love and devotion, as well as any of them left some did not listen with love and devotion is yesterday, as well as any of them have left some in the prophets yesterday. The winds and storms full of poison … We were poisoned faith and love we lost we were filled with poison the souls of sin. We see this poison, we feel on every road and meet with her. It is one that has emptied churches sufietele people of faith. What will be with us … The answer is easy: Israelites have pointed the way to Canaan pillar of fire and light cloud. Only they will show us the new track for us as we pick up and lost son of the gospel and go back to Heavenly Father’s House. If we obey His commandments, then darkness will rise before us trouble and we see “the true light.”

Fr Radu Totelecan

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